It feels like I’m surrounded

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I admit. I’m spending too much time on social media…

It’s football, folks, not soccer

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With EURO 2020(1)? in full swing, it seems like a perfect time to reminiscence about the topic from the title of this article: why Americans generally don’t care about football.
Ever since we’ve arrived in the US, a quarter of a century ago, I was perplexed that the most popular sport in the World isn’t popular here. All this time I was trying to come up with valid reasons why it is so, considering that Americans are suckers for everything British😎, and there’s hardly anything that’s more British than football. They’re also big sports fans, as well. I’ve had countless discussions…

It’s all fun

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I’ve been wearing dentures for several years now. On and off, but mostly off, except for foods that need chewing. Contrary to what one may expect, there are some positives of wearing them.

  • Every time you sneeze, you’re worried that they’ll come off. You are relieved when they stay in place.
  • You never go hungry. Always having food in reserve, right in your mouth.
  • They’re mobile/detachable. It comes in handy when cleaning them.
  • Toothache, what is that?
  • You learn to recognize your fellow denture wearers and to commiserate with them.
  • You keep moving your lips to adjust them, even when…


A case study

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More than a year into the Pandemic, on the 24th of May 2021, our company decided to hold an important, all-hands-on-deck Zoom meeting.

There was only one bullet point on the agenda: working from home.

The tension in the ether was palpable.

OK, guys — started our CEO, who visibly gained some weight and lost some hair in the meantime, enthusiastically.

Now that pandemic is waning down and the vaccines are rolled out successfully, it’s time to return back to the office! Back to normal! — feigned the CEO.

But, but… — the buzz was audible. Everybody started talking at…

… and some other words that start with different letters

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When contemplating life and one’s characteristics, I’ve noticed that an unusual number of very important ones start with the letter P (in English, that is). Not being into numerology, I chalk it up to coincidence. Here are some of them.


Every activity should have a purpose. E.g. why am I doing this post? Well, first of all, to express some thoughts/feelings. Second, to relate to potential readers that may find it useful. Third, because I love writing. There’s more, but that’s not in the scope of this article.

Life also should have a purpose. A lot has been written on…


“The only person you can’t learn from is yourself” — Anonymous

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